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Every year, a myriad of nostalgic traditions welcome Austinites to the bright and festive holiday season. The city itself boasts an abundance of established practices that locals consider to be necessary to a successful Christmas celebration. From ice skating amongst the skyscrapers downtown, to decorating a small trees along Loop 360, you and your family can enjoy a very merry Austin Christmas this year. Try out these favorite four events to enjoy the Austin holiday season to its fullest!

Walk through the Trail of Lights

The Trail of Lights is an Austin institution, lasting this year from December 8 to December 22. The trail was out of commission for a few years in recent history due to cost issues, but locals can once again enjoy the winding roads

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Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year for the first time in a new home, or if you’re a seasoned Turkey Day Host professional, Austin offers all of the keys to making Thanksgiving a time of fun, festivity, and food. Whether you need a helping hand with cooking and cleaning, want to give back to the community, or need a reason to exercise on the biggest eating-day of the year, Austin has you covered! Check out these tips and opportunities so you and your family can enjoy this Austin Thanksgiving to the fullest.

Tidy Up

If you’re playing host this year, treat yourself to a one-time house cleaning to prepare for your house-full of guests. A one-time cleaning will save you time, energy, and frustration, giving you the freedom to shop, decorate,

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Texas is not exactly known for its hard winters. Even though this area suffers more from too much heat than too much cold, winter can still sneak up on locals in a hurry, often unprepared for the strange effects of freezing weather. Instead of being caught off guard in 2 months if a sudden ice storm hits Austin like in 2014, go ahead and take a few simple, cheap precautions to prepare for an unpredictable Texas winter.

Check your heater and clean the fireplace.

It’s generally good practice to have your air conditioning unit checked once a year by a professional to make sure things are running smoothly, both for summer and winter. For under $100, a local technician can visit your home to check for any preventable issues that might otherwise cause

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Instagram is quickly becoming a favorite photo and video-sharing social media outlet, and Austin has a multitude of popular, talented users. Whether you’re new to Instagram or are a frequent follower of it, check out the handles of these Austin-based users for fun and exciting insight on food, activities, and local happenings in this great city! Just click on their handle to take a peek at all that they share with Austinites.


Chris Sherman runs an Instagram page of over 700 posts, taken by a flying drone high above Austin. Sherman’s drone captures images and short videos of the gorgeous Austin skyline, festival crowds, and even hill country vistas from hundreds of feet in the air. Follow him to catch glimpses of the beautiful city at

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Forest Oaks is one of the most popular and family friendly neighborhoods in Cedar Park. Settled in a great location off of Highway 183, this charming community boasts beautiful, spacious homes atop large, well-manicured lots and is laden with highly sought-after suburban amenities. Locals contribute to the highly-regarded communal feeling in this neighborhood, maintaining it as one of the best places to live in Cedar Park.

Within the Neighborhood

Two pools are located within the neighborhood: one is a junior Olympic-sized pool while the other is a more resort-style swimming area with a sloping walk-in section and water slide. Residents and their guests have access to the pools in the warmer months between April and October, and kid-friendly

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Falls in Austin are one of the best seasons of the year. The trees begin to turn to shades of dull red and crisp orange, the air suddenly and delightfully turns surprisingly crisp, and the natives come out of hibernation in their air conditioned homes to enjoy the cooler change in weather. Fall is officially here, but there’s still plenty of time to plan some fun and exciting family outings that will help your family enjoy the harvest season in Austin! Although the city has tons of events happening every weekend, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite picks that offer fun for both grownups and little ones.

Austin Oktoberfest

The Austin Oktoberfest (or Austoberfest) is a one-day celebration of all things German on October 17, 2015. The event

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At the end of a long day of work and after a tiring drive home in Austin traffic, it’s easy to pull into your driveway, close the garage door behind you, and not think twice about the people in the houses surrounding you. With schedules inundated with job responsibilities, peewee football practices, and weekend plans, getting to know your neighbors can quickly become an afterthought.

Objectively, it seems obvious that we should at least know the names of those who live around us. We see them going in and out of their house, hear their dogs barking in the backyard, and notice when they leave their trash bin out too long. But actually getting to know the family next door can be beneficial in the long term for you and your family. Knowing and being

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The Central Texas heat we know so well usually hits the area like a freight train in late May, and it doesn’t subside until late September. When the daily temperatures are in the triple digits, it’s simple to throw caution to the wind and crank up your AC all day to keep you and your family crisp and cool. But when that happens, our wallets suffer in the form of a monstrous electrical bill. With a little thought and simple actions, you can make sure your monthly bill from the electric company isn’t as staggering as the Texas heat.

Use Ceiling Fans Wisely

Ceiling fans work by circulating air, not by creating new, cool air. Having a ceiling fan on is a cheap means of cooling yourself, but only if you’re actually under the wind it’s producing. Make

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